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Author: Erik A. Espinoza
Last update: 01/27/2009
Technical Specifications:

  • Source RPM packages ready for RPM based distributions
  • DomainKeys, SPF "Sender Policy Framework" and SRS "Sender Rewriting Scheme"
  • Integrated SpamAssassin, ClamAV and Simscan
  • Warlord virus and worm loader realtime scanning
  • CHKUSER 2.0 functions for qmail-smtpd
  • Qmail-Tap provides email archive capability
  • Virtual Domains (MySQL), Virtual Users (MySQL)
  • Autoresponder, Mailing List
  • Web-based email system, Web-based administration tools

Download Toaster - Develop:

 Package NamereleaseDate 
zlib- 19:41Downloads: 9123
vqadmin-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8919
vpopmail-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 9093
ucspi-tcp-toaster-0.881.3.501/15/2008 19:41Downloads: 8892
squirrelmail-toaster- 10:11Downloads: 963
spamassassin-toaster- 23:02Downloads: 4944
simscan-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8957
ripmime-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8439
qmailmrtg-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8594
qmailadmin-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 9215
qmail-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 10950
maildrop-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8556
libsrs2-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8535
libdomainkeys-toaster-0.681.3.301/15/2008 19:41Downloads: 8608
isoqlog-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8384
ezmlm-toaster-0.53.3241.3.301/15/2008 19:41Downloads: 8516
djbdns- 19:41Downloads: 8571
daemontools-toaster-0.761.3.301/15/2008 19:41Downloads: 9046
courier-imap-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8727
courier-authlib-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8672
control-panel-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 8624
clamav-toaster- 13:12Downloads: 1367
clamav-toaster- 00:07Downloads: 957
autorespond-toaster- 19:41Downloads: 9059

Misc Downloads, Links, & ChangeLog:

  • Misc Downloads:
    QMT-ISO An ISO installer for CentOS with Qmailtoaster - have a working mail server in about 30 minutes.
    QmailToaster Virtual Appliance: Run QmailToaster in the free VMware Player. Release Notes
    QControl A replacement for Vqadmin - a free version is available, as well as a commercial version.
    Prune Script: Deletes Spam/Trash older than 28 days.

  • Links:
    Old QmailToaster Scripts/Docs
    QmailToaster Bug Tracker
    QmailToaster Documentation
    QmailToaster Frequently Asked Questions

  • ChangeLog:
    12/11/2008 - Updated Squirrelmail to 1.4.17 to resolve security vulnerability CVE-2008-2379.
    12/04/2008 - Updated ClamAV 0.94.2 package.
    10/17/2008 - Updated ClamAV 0.94.1 package.
    08/03/2008 - Updated ClamAV 0.94 package.
    07/11/2008 - Updated ClamAV, SpamAssassin & SquirrelMail package
    07/06/2008 - Updated ClamAV 0.93.1 package.
    04/19/2008 - Updated ClamAV 0.93 package NOTE: be sure to remove prior versions of ClamAV before building this new one, otherwise it will cause a circular dependency.
Software Credits:

QMAIL is a D. J. Bernstein software (
DAEMONTOOLS is a D. J. Bernstein software (
UCSPI-TCP is a D. J. Bernstein software (
EZMLM is from
VPOPMAIL is a inter7 software (
QMAILADMIN is a inter7 software (
VQADMIN is a inter7 software (
QMAILMRTG is a inter7 software (
COURIER-IMAP is a Double Precision Inc. software (
Erwin Hoffmann wrote the Warlord patch. (
Bill Shupp made the qmail and clamav patchs. (
Marcelo Coelho made the qmail srs patches. (

Mail Lists:

There is a user mailing list that refers to stable and develop trees. Subscribe here.
A public repository with searchable archives is avaiable here.

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